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General Housemaid

Service Overview Of Monthly Package (2 hours slot)

What to expect?

  • Verified professional female housemaid

  • Punctual service delivery

  • 2 Hours Service only

  • Same time slot will be applicable for the entire month

  • Customers will not get replacement for 1-2 days of absenteeism. However, will get back the money for those days in their Sheba wallet. Maid will be replaced maximum after 3 days of absenteeism

What not to expect?

  • Moving heavy furniture

  • Removal of deep stains

  • Maids will not babysit or look after old people at home

  • Maids will not run your outdoor errands

  • Maids will only work at your flat/apartment

  • Maids will only work at your flat/apartment

  • You cannot make the housemaid wash or clean something extremely frightful/nasty which may cause her sickness, nausea or vomit

Working Days:

  • Housemaid will be actively available 26 days a month

  • Based on customer requirement weekly off day


  • Housemaid will use broomsticks, brushes, mops and other supplies provided by the customer. They will also use washing machine, vacuum cleaner, micro oven, blender, toaster, iron if available in customer’s house.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Service booking: Customer has to order 15 days prior to the service schedule time

  • Safety measures: Customer will be responsible for their personal, material as well as the safety of the resource employed for service after entering the customer’s premises. Please do not give your housemaid a chance to utilize your mobile, PC, tab and TV. If any mishap is made to these gadgets by your housemaid, organization will not take liability for any harm of your electric/electronic gadgets that you let your housemaid use.

  • Any sexual or physical maltreatment, brutality, misbehavior with our assigned maid is strictly restricted. If client is observed to be hostile with our housemaid, we will make lawful move against him/her concurring the current law.

  • If you experience any circumstance like robbery or damage by the maid, please call the organization immediately. Our delegate will promptly make a move on the complaint. If house cleaner is proven guilty, organization will sack her off immediately and compensate for your loss. However, company will not take any responsibility of any theft/robbery/accident that does not prove any involvement of the assigned maid


  • Cash on delivery and Online payment

  • Booking will be confirmed after payment

  • Customer must pay in advance

  • Payment should be done digitally or COD to supervisor only. Sheba will not take any responsibility if you pay directly to the maid

  • Service termination in the middle of the month will give you 15 days of refund in your wallet